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Our mission is to unite the Hebrew and Moor descendants of Israel. We will begin with the declaration of our State Paper and Proclamation of our return to status, postliminium.

It is paramount that #WETHEINDIGENOUS unite in cooperation to build a vessel to cooperatively rebuild out nation unmolested. With our #greatseal we have this power but we must become a body politic exercising indigenous rights. By the cooperation of our people, the first step in this process is to build the Blockchain name Light Coin. The Blockchain technology will allow us to build a Sovereign First Nations’ vessel. The goal for our blockchain is to rebuild an Indigenous controlled cooperative economic system that is based on a P2P (Peer-to-peer) ecosystem. We must fight for the ‘Right of Return’ to the Great Seal of the Israel and Great Seal of the Moors and the rights that they descend. Lets together fight the war on history by aggregating and actioning technology, history, and science. Here we will provide moor degrees of perspective for the masses.

Bookmark and add this website to your feeds and promote it for #moortruth #moorfreedom #moorjustice for the #Hebrew people of #yisrael. If you would like to welcome people into the truth and the legal meaning or words and their concequences point them to the gallery below.

Children of Israel (heeboes)

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